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High-quality components for reliable processes

The demand for power electronics and thus for heat sinks is constantly growing. Reliable mounting of extruded PCB and clip-on heat sinks is achieved with clips and springs, especially in the case of high-labor activities and large batches. Clip and spring systems feature high central contact pressure and uncomplicated insulation capabilities. This ensures reliable thermal contact and heat transfer between the semiconductor and the heat sink. At CTX Thermal Solutions, the parts are manufactured primarily from C67S and C75S spring steel.

Heat sink mounts of unalloyed C67S and C75S spring steel are 20 to 30 percent less expensive than clips and springs made of stainless steel – with 20 percent higher fracture strength and the option of implementing much more complex geometries. A sophisticated production process ensures high-quality stamped parts – in fact, the quality control process starts with the selection of the raw material, which is purchased only from certified manufacturers. 

Stringent quality controls
The clips and springs are hardened and zinc plated in an in-house process. Microscopic JS 500 zinc depositions in the coating of the heat sink mounts prevent short circuits. Each processing and finishing step is subject to the most stringent quality controls. In addition, laser marking of each part guarantees traceability.

Extensive product range
In addition to standard clips and clamps, the CTX portfolio also includes project-specific stamped and formed parts, flat springs, wire bent and formed parts, as well as tension springs, torsion springs and micro springs. On request, parts can be surface finished using processes such as hydrogen-free zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating or copper plating. Application-specific solutions are typically developed in a step-by-step process in coordination with the customer.