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Friction stir welding Excellent cooling in a compact design

Friction stir welding is a pressure welding process. It is especially suitable for the manufacture of wide aluminum heat sinks with high fins.

How it works

In friction stir welding, the multiple components of the heat sink are rubbed against each other by means of a wear-resistant rotating tool under high pressure. The heat generated in this way softens the metal at the contact surface and the two pieces of metal are intermixed by the mechanical pressure of the tool. 

The benefits

  • Smooth, high-strength weld seams
  • Absolutely impermeable joints with no welding pores
  • Fine-grained material structure with optimal thermal conductivity
  • Production of wide heat sinks with high fins
  • Relatively low temperatures, therefore little distortion
  • No filler material or shielding gas is necessary

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