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Our history On the way to becoming Number One

With visionary entrepreneurial spirit and an excellent instinct for the growing importance of electronics in industrial production, Wilfried Schmitz established a company in 1997 that sold sensors, electronic cooling solutions and rotary controls, therefore laying the foundations for the success of CTX Thermal Solutions GmbH. Today, with our uniquely comprehensive product line, we are among the leading suppliers of cooling solutions in Europe and can look back on a quarter century of success.


December 1997
Together with Contrinex AG and another silent partner, Wilfried Schmitz establishes a sales company in Nettetal for sensors, rotary controls and industrial electronic heat sinks – Contrinex GmbH

January 1998
Contrinex GmbH officially starts operations – with Wilfried Schmitz as Managing Director and Georg Laskowsky in Sales. Leased facilities at Lötscher Weg 78 in Nettetal serve as both the office and warehouse. There are two business divisions:

  • Sale and marketing of sensors of the Swiss company Contrinex AG
  • Sale of electronic heat sinks of the American manufacturer Aavid and the Italian manufacturer Pada in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

1998 - 1999

April 1998
Christa Terporten joins the sales staff.
Contrinex GmbH starts procuring technology products from Asia for use in PCs and servers.

August 1999
Contrinex GmbH trains the company’s first wholesale and foreign trade specialist, who is now the company’s business manager.
Contrinex is certified to ISO 9001.

2002 - 2007

Continuous growth in both divisions makes it necessary to lease a larger warehouse at the existing leased location. Christa Terporten and Georg Laskowsky purchase their first shares from the founding members.

Contrinex is successfully certified to ISO 14001.

Contrinex purchases a 5,700 square meter lot at Lötscher Weg 104 in Nettetal and starts planning and construction of the company’s own office and warehouse building.

End of the year 2007
Contrinex moves into the new facilities. The two sales directors Christa Terporten and Georg Laskowsky acquire additional shares in the company.

2013 - 2018

Spin-off of the Sensor division to the newly established Contrinex Sensor GmbH. All shares in Contrinex GmbH are held by Christa Terporten, Georg Laskowsky and Wilfried Schmitz.

2014 - The company changes its name:
Contrinex GmbH becomes CTX Thermal Solutions GmbH, which focuses solely on the sale and marketing of cooling solutions for power electronics. Continuous growth at CTX, especially due to project- and application-specific cooling solutions, makes it necessary to expand the warehouse.

Christa Terporten and Georg Laskowsky withdraw as shareholders.
CI Electronics GmbH joins Wilfried Schmitz as a new shareholder of the company.

2019 - today

CTX expands the warehouse capacities by building a new logistics center with high-bay warehouses.

Jens Mirau is appointed as second Managing Director of CTX. He is responsible for the operational side of the business, while Wilfried Schmitz focuses on strategic development of the company.

CTX establishes a subsidiary in China.
Start of planning and implementation of a new multi-story office building.

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