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Kühllösungen für die Stromversorgung

Cooling solutions for power supply applications

Integrated switch-mode power supplies can be found in any electrical appliance – from coffee machines to computers and high-performance industrial applications. In order to function reliably, they have to be cooled.

The optimal cooling solution depends on the size, available installation space, area of application and the power output of the particular power supply. CTX always has a suitable heat sink – and not only for power supply units, but also for all other electrical power devices including converters and battery chargers.

Let us help you find the right cooling solutions for your application. We look forward to your request, and will get in touch with you as soon as possible!


Heat sinks for electrical power supply are custom tailored to the component that needs to be cooled, both in form and function


CTX cooling solutions for power electronics combine maximum cooling surface with minimum heat transfer surface


As little as possible, as much as necessary – the principle on which CTX develops cooling solutions for integrated switch-mode power supplies

Leistungsstarke Kühllösungen für industrielle Elektronik

Solutions for custom-tailored cooling in power supply applications

Power supply devices use a wide range of heat sink types: from the small SMD heat sinks in the switch-mode power supply of a coffeemaker to the efficient liquid-cooled heat sink in high-performance cabinet applications.

Which heat sink to use depends on the power dissipation and on the requirements of the particular device. For example, profile heat sinks, cold extruded heat sinks and SMD heat sinks for natural convection are typical choices for robust and low-maintenance devices.

If the switch-mode power supply requires regular maintenance due to the power output and the area of application – such as transport, power plant technology or automation – systems for forced or active cooling, such as fan systems, heat pipes or liquid-cooled heat sinks are installed.

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