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Cold extrusion Large diversity of designs

The cold extrusion process is ideal for the manufacture of high-performance pin fin heat sinks of high-grade aluminum (AL1070/AL1050) and high-grade copper (CU1100/CU1020). A typical application is cooling of high-power LEDs. There is practically no limit to the possible designs for the pins and fins.

How it works

A flat metal blank with the approximate volume of the finished heat sink is liquefied at room temperature under high pressure. The material completely fills all hollow spaces of the extrusion die. For especially effective heat dissipation the base and pins of the heat sink are designed so that they have an optimal fit to the component to be cooled. Normally, cold extruded heat sinks are round, with a symmetrical design. However, the manufacture of individually shaped cold extruded parts is also possible.

The benefits

  • Extremely homogeneous and dense material structure
  • Thermal conductivity of the heat sink is higher than that of the feedstock
  • High cooling capacity due to air flows in three dimensions
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy and surface quality without post-treatment
  • High freedom of design
  • Ideal for small project-specific series 
  • Can be combined with heat pipes

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