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Kühllösungen für den Bereich Elektromobilität

Cooling solutions for electric vehicles

Cooling of vehicle components and charging technology

Electrically powered cars, bikes, buses, commercial vehicles and special-purpose vehicles – not to mention ships and boats, as well as airplanes, helicopters and drones – are equipped with numerous high-performance electronic components. Battery management systems, on-board chargers, DC-to-DC converters, inverters, battery modules and control units generate heat and therefore have to be cooled. The same applies to electronic charging technology, such as charging posts and wall boxes. CTX offers application-specific cooling solutions for both the charging technology and the electronic components in electric vehicles.

Custom tailored

CTX cooling solutions are custom tailored to the component that needs to be cooled, both in form and function


High power density

Maximum cooling surface with minimum heat transfer surface area


Maximum efficiency

Our high-performance cooling solutions are designed for fast and reliable heat dissipation


Cooling of electronic components in electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are equipped with certain electronic components that generate heat and therefore have to be cooled. Some examples are battery management systems, on-board chargers, DC-to-DC converters, inverters, battery modules and diverse control units. To function properly throughout their life cycle, these components require optimized cooling.

Cooling of electronic components in wall boxes and charging posts

There are various ways to charge electric vehicles. Wall boxes allow charging at home – such as over night – or during working hours on the company parking lot. It is common for the wall box to be connected to a photovoltaic system. To charge a vehicle while traveling, there is a nationwide network of charging stations in parking lots or along the highway. Wall boxes and charging posts contain power electronics that have to be cooled.

Cooling of vehicle electronics

The importance of power electronics in electric vehicles will continue to grow. Diverse control units are used to control digital displays, navigation systems, entertainment systems, air conditioning, braking systems and LED headlights. This development is even more crucial due to trends such as full networking and autonomous driving. To ensure the efficiency, reliability and durability of the computer-controlled systems, they must be cooled using compact, application-specific cooling solutions.

For more information about our cooling solutions for electronic systems in vehicles, see our press release.

Modulare Hochleistungskühlkörper für elektronische Bauteile

High-performance heat sinks for electric vehicles

We offer application-specific cooling solutions for cooling of electronic components and power electronics in electric vehicles. These include, for example:

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