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Bonded fins Heat sinks with bonded fins

The fins in heat sinks with bonded or brazed fins have such a high density that natural convection is no longer possible. That is why bonded fin heat sinks are used in combination with fans. They are made of aluminum or copper. It is also possible to combine the two materials – for example a copper base plate with aluminum fins. 

How it works

First, grooves are milled into the heat sink base, and the single fins are bonded in the grooves. The joint between the base plate and the fins is achieved by highly thermally conductive resin. Alternatively, the fins can be brazed to the base. The geometrical dimensions of bonded fins and the material thickness of the base plate and the single cooling fins depend on the requirements of the particular application.

The advantages over extruded heat sinks

  • Higher fin density with the same fin aspect ratio
  • Customized material thickness of base plate and cooling fins
  • Larger surface with the same volume
  • Excellent cooling capacity in combination with a fan (forced convection)

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