Liquid Heat Sinks

Modern high-voltage converters in trains, transport systems and industrial computers can only work if their powerful electronics are cooled effectively. The electronic power density is very high, and so is the amount of heat produced, which means that fan cooling is simply not sufficient. Liquid cooling is the most viable solution here, as small volumes of water in small pipes can already dissipate more heat than fan-based cooling systems. Liquid heat sinks require only very small transfer surfaces to work efficiently, and are therefore very compact. Liquid cooling systems remove the heat from the point at which it occurs, namely directly from the high-performance electronic elements of the various assemblies. They offer heat dissipation rates that are 15 to 25 percent higher than those of conventional cooling systems. That is why liquid heat sinks are still the most powerful cooling components. Liquid heat sinks can be operated with fluids such as water, oil and alcohol, or with gaseous media.


Brazed liquid heat sink

  • Blister and microchannel liquid cold plates
  • High temperature soldering of Al and stainless steel
  • Cooling medium water + glycol in stainless steel heat sinks
  • Application-specific dimensioning

Super plates

  • Cold plates made in aluminium and copper
  • Integrated copper and stainless steel tubes (V2A/V4A)
  • Extruded or core hole drilled cooling channels
  • Project-specific dimensioning

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