Profile heat sinks for your application

We offer cooling concepts for automation, medical technology, high-power LEDs, automotive applications and fossil & regenerative energy technology!

CNC-machined profile heat sinks

On request, we offer a subsequent CNC processing of the profile heat sinks in order to increase the thermal conductivity even further!

Optimized surface properties

For optimum heat dissipation, we optionally upgrade our profile heat sinks with various surface treatments!

Thermal simulation – our service for you

CTX offers conventional profile heat sinks of various shapes and types. Apart from standard designs such as

  • Comb-shaped profile heat sinks
  • Pin fin heat sinks
  • Extra-small heat sinks

the CTX portfolio includes customised CNC-machined continuous cast profiles.

Heat sink dimensioning based on customer specifications

The CTX standard profile heat sinks come in widths of 12,4 to 750 mm, weighing between 130 g and 75.1 kg. Their thermal resistance Rth ranges from 81,6°C/W to 0.04°C/W.

CTX assists customers in selecting the best profile heat sink for their application by calculating the necessary capacity based on customer specifications. Should it be necessary to produce application-specific profiles that require special tools, we would be delighted to provide you with a competitive offer.

Profile heat sinks produced with CNC according to customer drawing

The better the contact between the electronic component and the heat sink, the lower the thermal resistance. As dimensional deviations are unavoidable with continuous casting, there is sometimes an air cushion between the component and the heat sink. In order to eliminate the resulting poor thermal conductivity which in turn leads to higher temperatures in the component, reduced performance, etc., CTX offers its customers CNC-machined profile heat sinks. To find out more, simply give us a call!

Optimised surface properties

CTX profile heat sinks are made from a specially developed continuous cast aluminium alloy that offers excellent thermal conductivity properties of 180 W/mK. On request, we equip our heat sinks with a special surface finish to optimise the heat dissipation. Our finishing methods include

  • Anodising
  • Chromating
  • Powder coating
  • Wet painting

We are looking forward to your inquiry

We assist you in identifying the profile heat sink models and dimensions that best meet your specific requirements. Simply contact us for advice!

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