Embedded heat sinks

Embedded systems and industrial computers (IPCs) come with ever higher power density. At the same time, the power dissipation rate and thus the cooling requirements have also increased. The heat produced by the processor needs to be dissipated as quickly as possible in order to ensure proper operation and a long service life. As a specialist company for application-specific cooling systems, CTX is constantly developing new solutions for the active and passive cooling of industrial computers.


The CTX range of CNC-machined heat sinks for embedded systems and IPCs includes:

  • Heat sinks with copper inlays for direct installation on hot spots
  • Heat spreaders with integrated heat pipes
  • DC, AC and industrial fans for forced convection cooling, in parts or fully assembled
  • Complete heat sink kits (with or without copper inlays) including insulation, mounting bolts, screws, etc., in blister pack
  • Customised housings
  • Available with anodised, powder coated or printed front panels

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