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Crimped heat sinks Press-fit fins for high power density

The individually designable heat sink with press-fit fins is ideal for cooling of applications with limited space, such as graphic adapters and CPUs. Crimped heat sinks typically combine a copper base with aluminum fins. This design achieves optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness.

How it works

Crimped heat sinks consist of a base plate into which the single cooling fins are pressed by means of a purely mechanical process. The thermal expansion effect of the copper plate minimizes the thermal resistance at the transition between the base and the fins.

The benefits

  • Mechanical process
  • Optimal ratio of heat sink weight, size and cooling capacity
  • Low thermal resistance at the transition between base and fins 
  • Variable specific cooling capacity due to the use of aluminum fins with a different surface structure and the same surface area and fin geometry
  • Can be combined with heat pipes
  • Surface finishing is possible

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