LED heat sinks guarantee high light poutput and prolong the service life of highe-performance LEDs

LEDs have become very popular, which is mainly due to their excellent energy efficiency and long service life. They come in many shapes and sizes and are used as indictors or lighting elements. While the lighting efficiency of LEDs is much higher than that of conventional incandescent light bulbs, 75 to 85 percent of the consumed power is still lost in the form of heat, depending on the light colour and the luminous intensity. This heat is transferred by the depletion layer through the metal connections to the PCB and dissipates into the environment. The temperature of the depletion layer also affects the dominating wavelengths and the brightness of the LED, and thus the colour of the emitted light. As the temperature increases, the brightness of the luminaire is gradually reduced while there is a marked colour change. Application-specific thermal management is therefore a must and can be achieved by mounting heat sinks that ensure uniform light output and colour while prolonging the service life of the LED.

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For small LEDs with a power rating in the mill watt range, heat dissipation through the existing soldered connection is normally sufficient to protect the semiconductor crystal against damage. The moment the power rating reaches 1 W, LEDs need to be cooled, whereby passive cooling is normally sufficient. High-performance LEDs that are operated with currents greater than 20 mA need to be equipped with heat sinks and forced convection.

The CTX product range includes both passive and active cooling solutions for LEDs, covering indoor as well as outdoor installations. Apart from standard heat sinks, CTX is renowned for its customised LED cooling solutions. The most popular standard solutions include PCB, SMD and profile heat sinks with our without AC or DC fan. These components are available in a range of dimensions and performance categories as listed in our catalogues, but can be customised according to your requirements, should the need arise. High-end solutions with cooling media are mainly custom-engineered to match the requirements of the application. When devising such cooling devices, CTX always takes into account the raw material and production costs as well as the heat dissipation capacity, in order to find the most cost-effective solution.

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