high-performance heat skins

In modern electronic assemblies, such as those found in drive systems or frequency converters, the performance increases in line with the size of the surface area. As a consequence more heat is produced. By combining modular hard-soldered fin heat sinks made from aluminium with fans, this heat can be quickly dissipated.

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Highly efficient and compact

In contrast to conventional modular heat sinks where the individual elements need to be glued or cold-welded, brazed heat sinks do not show any mechanical or thermal gaps at the base of the cooling fins or between the individual heat sink elements. With brazing where high temperatures are applied to the material, the individual modules bonded at molecular level, so that transition resistance is minimised. The high-performance heat sinks thus have the same technical properties as die cast profile, but are up to 40 percent lighter in weight and more compact than conventional die cast heat sinks. While their cooling performance is at par with that of liquid heat sinks, they are much cheaper to produce. High-performance heat sinks from CTX are therefore significantly more effective than conventional fin heat sinks made from extruded aluminium with forced convection. These high-performance heat sinks are suitable for virtually all industrial applications, including motors and similar assemblies with high vibration.

Advantages of high-performance heat sinks

  • Made from high-temperature soldered aluminium or aluminium/copper
  • Minimum transition resistance
  • Bonding at molecular level
  • Ideal for fan-assisted cooling
  • Modular design for fan-assisted high-performance heat sinks
  • Large choice of standard modules
  • Configurable to suit specific applications
  • Tailor-made solutions without extra tooling costs

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