Housing Technology - from follows function

Electronic components such as power supplies and PCBs are often encased in housings that protect them against dust and impact. In order to prevent overheating of the devices, these housings must be able to dissipate heat efficiently and quickly. At the same time, they must shield the electronic components against electromagnetic interference while minimising electromagnetic radiation from the device.

CTX offers special metal housings that meet these requirements made in profiled or punched and bent metal.

Expertise in cooling technology

When designing a housing, one of the key parameters to be taken into account is the expected power loss. Thanks to its expertise, CTX is in a position to offer you housing that meet this challenge. CTX's extensive know-how and experience in the design of cooling solutions for effective heat management provide the basis for the design of its cooling electronic housings.

Do metal housing with smooth or ripped surfaces and natural convection provide adequate cooling? Or is an additional fan needed to remove the excess heat from the housing? Simply call us for advice! We would be delighted to be of assistance!

Profiled housing

  • Extruded profiles
  • Die cast housings
  • Anodised, powder coated, wet painted, chromated
  • sand or glass bead blasted finish
  • CNC-machined

Punched and bent housings

  • Materials: Sheet steel, galvanised sheet steel, aluminium, stainless steel
  • Professional surface finish
  • Punch/nibble technology
  • Including push-in bolts/sockets

Front panel design service

  • Customised front panels including foil printing
  • Single- or multi-colour screen print lettering/labelling or laser engraving
  • Anodised, wet painted, chromated or powder coated surface finish

Technical aluminium components

  • Project-specific designs
  • Punched, nibbled, laser-machined and/or chamfered
  • Integrated threaded bolts
  • Perfect surface finish
  • Protected by one-component varnish

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