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Cooling solutions for agricultural technology

High-performance electronic systems are the key to efficiency and economy in modern agricultural machines and smart farming solutions. To ensure reliable operation under harsh conditions, agricultural machinery requires an effective and robust cooling system. The optimal solution is determined according to the application. At CTX, you will always find the right heat sink for your requirements – whether you choose from the standard range or opt for a customized solution.



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Our solutions are everywhere Custom-tailored cooling systems for agricultural technology

Modern agricultural technology uses numerous electronic devices such as control units, GPS systems, multimedia devices, lights, camera systems and sensors. To operate reliably in the harsh conditions of agricultural operations, the technology requires a robust and efficient cooling system.

Whether a standard solution or a custom-tailored cooling solution is used, depends not only on the target dissipation level, but also on other requirements, such as the available installation space. The stringent requirements of agricultural technology are typically fulfilled by using extruded heat sinks, cold extruded heat sinks, cast aluminum heat sinks and one-piece heat sinks. Electromechanical components such as fans are eliminated to the greatest extent possible.

Production processes at agricultural machinery

Electrification of agricultural machinery

In addition to on-road vehicles, the number of electric off-road machines is also on the rise. We have extensive expertise in the cooling of battery management systems, inverters, battery modules and control units. That likewise applies to electronic charging technology for electric vehicles, such as charging posts and wall boxes. High-performance electronic components and inverters in photovoltaic systems on large agricultural buildings also require effective cooling. When it comes to electrification of agricultural technology, we are there from the very start.

Customizing at CTX – more than just tailor-made cooling solutions

In addition to our extensive range of standard solutions, we offer a complete carefree package. These services include everything from design to machining and surface finishing of the cooling solution – custom-tailored to your individual requirements. If desired, we can also take care of all logistics processes for deliveries.

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