Heat sinks for SMD Components

SMD components enable manufacturers to pack their PCBs densely with components on both sides. They do not only make circuits more efficient and versatile, but also allow for ever smaller devices. As SMD components do no longer only contain logic circuits but are equipped with switching and power elements, they tend to become hot. This heat needs to be dissipated through special SMD heat sinks.

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Efficient cooling of SMD-Components

CTX offers a wide range of standard SMD heat sinks as well as custom-engineered models. SMD heat sinks are available as loose bulk parts or on tape reels for automated mounting.

The punched low-profile SMD heat sinks are extremely flat and are thus the preferred option for semiconductor housings of the popular D-PAK (TO-252), D²PAK (TO-263) and D³PAK (TO-268) types. The heat sinks are directly soldered onto the copper sections of the printed circuit board. They are thus not in direct contact with the SMD component, but make use of thermal conduction and natural convection. The special design of the CTX SMD heat sinks with their protruding fins enables particularly efficient heat dissipation. Due to the indirect heat dissipation, heat sinks supplied on tape and reel can be installed in the same process in which the SMD components are mounted on the PCB.

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