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High power density Cooling solutions for embedded systems and IPCs

Embedded Kühlkörper

Compact, efficient and as mobile as possible: those are the requirements of embedded systems in a nutshell – and of the required cooling solutions. After all, smaller and more efficient heat sinks are needed for fast and reliable dissipation of the increasing power losses in high-end processors. Because long-term operational reliability is ensured only by efficient and effective cooling.

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Our embedded heat sinks are as unique as the applications they cool.



We use different manufacturing processes depending on the heat sink properties and the required number of heat sinks.



Our heat sink solutions for embedded systems and IPCs are designed for fast dissipation of heat from power losses.

The right cooling solution for every system

Ideally, embedded systems are cooled directly at the hot spot. The type of cooling solution depends on the degree of power loss and the available installation space. 

We can implement the following heat sink solutions for your embedded system or IPC:

  • Heat spreader solutions with integrated heat pipes that conduct the heat from the hot spot to the heat sink 
  • Copper inlay heat sinks for direct installation at the hot spot 
  • Cold extruded pin block heat sinks with a special pin and fin design that enables higher air flow rates than standard extruded heat sinks
  • Soldered finger, clip-on or mini screw-on PCB heat sinks for all standard semiconductor housings
  • Factory-mounted fan units and ready-to-install sets consisting of a heat sink and mounting accessories
Embedded Kühlkörper
Embedded Kühlkörper
Embedded Kühlkörper
Embedded Kühlkörper

Specially designed for IPCs: Cooling electronic housings made of metal

Many devices give off heat through their housing. For industrial computers, we deliver tailor-made metal electronic housings – with cooling fins on request. Our products include tailor-made housings manufactured using die-casting, profile or stamping/forming technology, as well as tailor-made front panels and aluminum technical elements. All housings, front panels and technical elements are available with individual surface finishing, and can be punched, nibbled and equipped with press-fit pins or bushes.

Lüfter für Embedded Systems

Is a fan required or not?

In many high-end embedded systems, passive cooling is not sufficient. In these cases, fans create a forced air flow through the heat sink to achieve faster cooling. For such applications we offer custom fan solutions. 


A tailor-made cooling solution for every requirement

We will be glad to assist you in determining what type of cooling you need for your particular application. But we can also jointly develop a tailor-made solution for active or passive cooling of your embedded system or IPC – including the packaging design.

Ask us about our compatible accessories as well!


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