Clip and spring mounting mechanisms for top quality connections

Clip-on mechanisms provide for firm fixture of the heat sinks on the semiconductors. Compared with screw connections, they offer a better central contact pressure and allow for easy insulation. They guarantee a permanent thermal contact between the parts and thus ensure uniform heat transfer from the semiconductor to the heat sink.

CTX offers a comprehensive range of clip-on and spring mechanisms – from standard clips and clamps to customised punched and bent parts, flat springs, bent wire components as well as compression, pull, torsion and micro springs. On request, we provide parts whose surfaces are finished by galvanising, nickel-plating, chrome-plating or copper-plating. For application-specific cooling solutions, CTX works closely together with the customer.

Controlled and monitored production and quality assurance process

The new flat springs and punched parts made in C67S/C75S steel are subject to stringent in-process control and quality assurance, starting with the selection of the raw materials, which are sourced from certified suppliers only. Prior to production, all materials are tested to ensure that they meet the quality specifications. In-process controls include visual 2D and 3D checks during each production phase. In addition, random batch samples are taken for rigorous system tests. As all parts are laser-labelled, they are fully traceable. The clips and springs undergo a hardening process and are then galvanised in a patented process that eliminates the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. The hardened and galvanised parts are coated with JS 500 to prevent short circuits caused by minute dissipated zinc particles. All finishing steps are also subject to stringent quality checks.

In comparison to stainless steel clips and springs, heat sink fixtures made in non-alloy C67S/C75S spring steel are not only 20 to 30 percent cheaper, they are also more suitable for more complex geometries, as they are easier to form, offering breaking strengths that are 20 percent higher than those of stainless steel parts. The CTX in-process and quality assurance control system guarantees top product quality as well as full traceability. All finishing steps are subject to stringent quality checks.

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